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BA Clubs South Wales is the sports and recreation club for all current and former staff of British Airways and its subsidiary companies based in South Wales at Blackwood, Cardiff and Llantrisant sites (BAIE, BAMC and BAAE).  The Club is locally run by various volunteers from the three sites and currently has nearly 900 members.

The Club organizes both social and sporting events and has the following sports sections that are open to all members.  These are Cricket, General Fitness, Golf and Rugby.  Each section organizes games, fixtures, training sessions, national and international tours to play against other airlines and clubs, and in some cases even marathon entries!

If all this sounds a little too energetic, there is a thriving social side of the Club which regularly organizes theatre trip and shopping days both in London and Cardiff, themed meal evenings, boat trips, racing trips, pantomime tickets, Christmas Ball, and much more.

Not only that, but members also have the chance to win a monthly prize of up to £15,000 in the central clubs lottery draw for as little as 87p per chance.  South Wales also has a monthly local lotto which pays out £100!

To join the Club and/or any of the Sections, please contact your local representatives, or Muriel Whilding on 01446 712319 (or extension 2319 internally)

The full members of the Executive Committee are:

Brian Currie –

Deputy Chairman: 
Barry West –

Muriel Whilding –

Tim Rose –

Sarah Worley (Blackwood) –
Martine Roles (Llantrisant) –

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