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Lottery Terms and Conditions

Monthly Lottery: Terms and Conditions

1.  The BA Clubs Lottery is promoted by BA Clubs, hereinafter referred to as the Club.  It will be organised and the proceeds disposed of in accordance with these rules.

2.  The responsible person is the General Manager of BA Clubs.

3.  The Lottery, which will be held monthly, is restricted to paid-up members of the Club who have completed the relevant application from and are over 18 years of age.  Membership is not transferable to any other person.
4.  The Monthly draws will be made under the supervision of the responsible officers.  The draw will be made on the fifteenth day of each month, or nearest weekday thereafter.
5.  The whole proceeds, after deducting relevant expenses, will be devoted to: (a) the provision of prizes, and (b) the purposes of the Club (at least 20% of the proceeds).
6.  After deductions for expenses and allocation of proceeds to Club funds, the agreed Prize Fund will be set a 70% of the proceeds or £40,000, whichever is the lower figure.  The first prize shall be awarded up to a maximum of £20,000.  The second and subsequent prizes shall be allocated as a proportion fo the total fund at the discretion of the promoters.  The winners and prize allocations shall be published in accordance with Rule 12 below.
7.  Each chance will cost £1 per month, payable in advance.  Contributions will be deducted from salary or made by direct debit (for non-British Airways employees) and each participant must give to the promoter a signed authority for a subscription at the rate of £1 per month.  A member is not a participant until the first subscription has been received by the Club.
8.  A member will be permitted to withdraw from the Lottery at any time if he so desires, by advising the General Manager in writing, but if he does, he will not be permitted to rejoin for six months
9.  Each participant will be allocated a lottery number for each of his chances, which will be his permanent lottery number(s) whilst he remains in the Lottery.
10.  It is the responsibility of the participant to check that subscriptions have been paid.  If for any reason whatsoever the subscription is not received in advance of the draw, the participant will be debarred from competing in that and subsequent months’ draws until subscriptions are restored.  It is also the responsibility of the participant to check their payslip for over-payments as refunds will not be given.
11.  No prize will be awarded to anyone other than the member whose number has been drawn.
12.  The same chance can win only one prize in each monthly draw.  Prize winners will be notified and prize winners’ names published on Club notice boards, and on its website.  Unclaimed prizes will not be held for longer than three months.
13.  Special draws for additional prizes may be held from time to time and details of these will be announced to participants.
14.  These rules may be amended by the Club, but not so as to alter the basis of the Lottery to affect adversely the interests of the participants.  In the event of any dispute over the conduct or outcome of the Lottery, participants should contact the General Manager who will adjudicate on the complaint.  If the issue cannot be settled by this means, the matter will be referred to an independent arbitrator.
15.  The Lottery is conducted under and Operating Licence granted by the Gambling Commission under the Gambling Act 2005 and is subject to the Commission’s Licence Conditions and Code of Practice on lotteries and also BA Club’s own policy on gambling and social responsibility, a copy of which is available from the Clubs’ office  and also on the BA Clubs’ website.  Further information on lotteries and lottery conditions can be obtained from the Gambling Commission’s website:


Gambling Commission Licensed Status

Licensee name – BA Clubs Limited
Account number – 7651


Further information can be found on the BA Clubs website at

Alison Hartigan
Promoter and General Manager, BA Clubs