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Personal Training

As you are aware BA Clubs have made the difficult decision to close all BActive Gyms for the foreseeable future, which in turn brings an end to myself and Lanre’s employment.

It comes with much sadness that we have to leave as we have both enjoyed being a part of all of your health and fitness journeys and working towards increasing awareness, inclusion in health and fitness and improving mental health at work.

I myself have worked for the BActive gyms for nearly 10 years, Lanos 7 years and we have both loved working with you all, seeing all of your achievements over the years, providing as much as possible to help you enjoy, achieve and become comfortable training. In my eyes it really is the end of an amazing era at Waterside.

We both hope and wish that in these unprecedented times we have provided the foundation for you all to adapt and keep using all those skills to continue on your health and wellbeing journey in and around your “Covid Bubbles”. 

With that said, as we learn to live with Covid and a new way of interacting, moving, exercising and looking after your health (body & mind) I wanted to let you all know that both Lanre and Myself are still around and will be focusing on Personal Training and small group Personal training sessions and will be able to provide support and coaching to keep you achieving those goals.

Whether it be once or twice a week for an online session or 1-2-1 outside (within the social distance guidelines of course) we will be able to offer tailor made programmes and help you with being accountable.

If you would like to know more please feel free to email:

Julian - or send me a message on 07951914794 

Lanre -  or send a message on 07538491328 

and we will be happy to help. 


I have a great LOVE for all sports and I come from a family of world class Thai kickboxers. With my experience in the fitness industry for just over 10 years now I can help you achieve your GOALS whether your looking to improve your sports performance, lose weight, change your body shape or even just to have more fun in the gym.


I have years of experience training Thai boxing fighters so book in a session with me on the pads to push you to new levels. To help you achieve your desired weight we will focus on functional exercises to speed your metabolism up, so your burning calories even when the sessions over. Kettlebell training loses those excess pounds. Kettlecise is the single most effective fat burning exercise class, designed to re-shape and sculpt your Body.


I enjoy interacting with people and sharing knowledge with them to help achieve their goals regarding their health and fitness.  In particular I enjoy motivating others in my fitness classes working with great intensity, motivation and drive! I am a huge motorbike enthusiast which I’ve been since 2000 and travel all over Europe. 


I have trained Professional athletes, seniors, kids and the general persons using various training strategies and equipment. My highlight to date was training a Professional motorcycle rider by the name of 'Ashley Midwood' in the British Superbike series.  I got the opportunity to travel all over the UK with him and the team.


  • "I try to get to the gym three times a week, and like to have a personal training session at least once a week. Classes are good, but personal training gives me the opportunity to work closely with an instructor and check my technique is right, whether this is for cardio or weights work. It's also the one time you really can't kid yourself you're working as hard as you can - the instructors really push you to the limit and make sure you work as hard as you should! I find these sessions motivate me to work harder when exercising on my own, which means I get the best benefit from my gym membership". Jacqui - Waterside
  • "How many of you, like me have often laughed at the whole "my body's a temple" thing. In my case more than 30 years of neglect have definitely taken their toll. However, now finding myself based in Waterside, I decided enough was enough and that I'd take advantage of the Gym hidden in the depths of the basement. Whilst compact, it has everything the wannabe fitness fanatic should need, and I'm certainly enjoying my 4 or 5 times a week visits to sweat things out. The staff are always happy to help, and there's also a host of classes you can join, especially if you need a bit of encouragement to get started. Why not drop in and see Lewis and the guys and find out a bit more about what's on offer, and you never know you might even catch me attempting to look like I'm not in pain. Jeremy - Airport