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Obituary: Ted Turner, Chairman, Retired Staff Association

We have received the sad news that Ted Turner, Chairman of the Retired Staff Association, has died. 

Ted was an original “People Person”, and throughout his career at British Airways, and subsequently with the RSA, he used these skills to great effect. His career began as ground staff in the terminals at Heathrow where he proved himself to be adept at handling passengers and their many issues, before being moved onto dealing with VIP passengers. 
Throughout a distinguished career in People services, Ted used his inter-personal skills to great effect as the Secretary for Civil Air Transport Employee Services (CATES) covering the negotiations between BA Executives and the Unions, whilst his caring nature showed with his work with the British Airways Benevolent fund.
In later years he volunteered to man the phones for the EPIC centre, handling distressing calls from relatives of passengers involved in aircraft accidents with his usual calm and re-assuring manner.
In a lifetime devoted to service, Ted also had an active role with the BA 25 year club and was a key member of the RSA (Retired Staff Association) for over 20 years. 
All who knew Ted thought him to be a kind, gentle, thoughtful and considerate man. Always positive, Ted always considered his glass more than half full and would often employ his great skills of diplomacy to soothe any disagreement or upset. 
Ted was a great family man; he doted on his wife, Pat, and was her main carer until she passed away three years ago. He leaves behind two sons, Neil and Timothy, who were both granted special permission to travel & visit him in hospital (one lives in Gibraltar, the other Wells, Somerset).
Margaret of the RSA was in touch with him daily as they were close colleagues. She told us he was the most thoughtful person and he always added a great deal of joy to their working day together. Two days before he passed, Ted told her that he had the most wonderful view from his hospital window of a sunny lake and that he couldn't ask for anything more after he had been visited by his sons.
He passed away peacefully in his sleep last Friday (8 January).