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Junior Activities

The Junior Activity Membership is open to anyone age between 5 and 17 who wish to participate in club organised junior activities such as junior football coaching. The current annual membership fee is £20.

Junior Activity members are able to take part in the following sports activities: To find out more about these sports, please click on the sport.

There are two categories in line with the Children's Act (A Responsible adult must deliver a Junior Activity member under 16 years of age to the activity coach and register him/her for that session). 

  • 5 – 8 year old - A responsible adult must remain on the Club’s premises at all times when the Junior Activity Member is present on the Club site.
  • 9 – 17 year old - members under 16 years of age - an accompanying adult must deliver, register and collect the Junior Activity Member.  The accompanying adult may leave the premises but must return at the appointed time to collect the Junior Activity Member.

The Responsible Adults must provide the activity coach with a telephone number by which they can be contacted at any time while the Junior Activity Member is at the Club’s premises.

Each Junior Activity Member will be issued with a membership card, which must be available for inspection at any time by an officer of the Club. Junior Activity Members will have no voting rights and are not permitted to sign in guests.  The membership is only valid for the duration of the activities for which the Junior Activity Member is registered. Outside of activity times, juniors may be on Club premises only with an accompanying adult who is a Member of BA Clubs.

Junior Activity Members may register for and join in any amount of junior activities that are on offer by the Club.  Appropriate fees will be charged for each activity in addition to the Junior Activity Membership subscriptions. Junior Activity Members over 14 years of age may also participate in section activities on payment of the appropriate fees to the relevant section.  Parents will be required to complete, in full, the application/consent form for each individual activity, prior to commencement of course/activity.

On being admitted to membership, parents/guardians of Junior Activity Members must provide to the Club all relevant medical details relating to the Junior Member prior to commencement of any sporting activity.  Medical details will remain strictly confidential between the Club, the coach and the parent/guardian.

No coaches, staff or volunteers will be allowed to supervise junior activities unless they have passed the appropriate CRB check and provided the relevant Qualification and Governing Body Membership Certificates to the Club.