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BA Athletics section run away with awards!

BA Clubs Athletics Section enjoy Victoria BC skyline

Members of the British Airways Athletics Section have just returned from the 38th World Airline Road Race hosted by Air Canada Jazz in Victoria B.C. Canada.  Getting there didn't present the immense challenge some thought it would since there turned out to be an hourly ferry between Vancouver and Victoria - though others got the ferry from Seattle instead, or chose the scenic option by taking a seaplane on one of the two legs.

The event went very well with 768 runners in all - there were 674 finishers in the 5k and 247 in the 10k (some runners doing both races). 48 airlines were represented with the largest team being Air Canada with 75 runners (plus 9 with Air Canada Jazz) and then their highly competitive neighbour Westjet with 68. United had 52 runners and next year's hosts KLM had 44.  British Airways had a credible 13 runners and also ten non-airline runners associated with the team. All of us finished at least one of the two races.

The BA runners and team members ran away with 12 awards:

In the 5k our club team of John Taylor, Richard Ruffell and Tim Bellars secured the 3rd place trophy in the Men's Masters Team competition.  John Taylor was the first individual in the Men's 50-59 category.  Caroline Yarnell, running as a former employee, had joined us from Sydney and finished in 3rd place in the Women's 50 to 59 category and we also had two 5k non-airline trophies won by Luke Bellars and Bridget Ruffell.

In the 10k Tim Bellars and Richard Ruffell came 2nd and 3rd respectively in the Men's 50 to 59 category but we missed out on a team trophy due to the good packing in the results by both KLM and Lufthansa.  Caroline Yarnell picked up the 2nd place trophy in the Women's 50 to 59 category and Steve Newell got 3rd place in the Men's over 70 category. Again our non-airline teammates did well - Luke Bellas, Anthony Wong and Benita Scaife picking up three non-airline trophies.

Next year's World Airline Road race will be held in Amsterdam in mid-September and will form part of KLM's celebrations of their 100 year life as an airline. If you can't wait that long to join in an airline vs airline race then KLM have also just announced details of their 6k and 10k beach run championships on December 15th.  Contact Rod Hoffman for more details (see Athletics section on website)