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Heathrow Spidernets Badminton Club

Heathrow Spidernets is a friendly badminton club established in 2004. We are based at Imperial College London Heston in Cranford near Heathrow Airport.

Membership for Spidernets badminton section is open to both BA employees and non BA employees and their families.

We are a Pay and Play badminton club. We accommodate all level of players including beginners, this also includes female players.

We also accommodate juniors from the age of 12 years and onwards on Tuesday and Saturday from 2.00pm and also during school holidays. Spidernets badminton section always welcomes new players.


Spidernets badminton club has the use of the sports hall on Wednesday and Saturdays.

We play:

Every Tuesday 2.00pm – 5.00pm and

Every Saturday 2.00pm – 6.00pm.

Players of all abilities are welcome on both days. Feather shuttlecocks are provided by the club. Badminton racquets can be provided, if you can please bring your own badminton racquet.

Players must wear appropriate non-marking badminton trainers.

The clubs rotation rules for the badminton courts are 4 players on, 4 players off; regardless of standard (We do not have a peg system). When 4 players finish a game on the badminton court they must come off the badminton court to allow the next 4 players waiting to play. This ensures everyone is given a fair chance of playing.


Heathrow Spidernets enter teams in the Hounslow and Staines league and also in the Hillingdon league. All players are given the opportunity to take part in the leagues regardless of standard of play.

Every year in September / October we hold a Spidernets friendly, fun and entertainment Doubles Badminton Knockout Tournament for all level of players including juniors.

We also run a few internal matches within the club throughout the year.


All BA Concorde Club Members can come and Pay and Play for £6.00

Non BA Concorde Club Members

First time members who are non BA Concorde Club Members will pay £8.00.

£6.00 - Pay and Play and £2.00 - Door Entrance, at the second attendance, you will be required to submit the relevant form with the payment to become a BA Concorde Club Member and thereafter can continue to Pay and Play for £6.00

Every 6 months, Heathrow Spidernets Badminton Club takes a special offer out for the members who wish to pay a lump sum and save money.


Raj Marwaha

E-Mail -

Harry Patel – 0796 261 4879

E-Mail -

Bharat Patel – 0793 065 3262

E-Mail -

Serge Gonzalez – 0791 900 2182

Follow us on Facebook on the following group ‘Heathrow Spidernets Badminton Club’.

Heathrow Spidernets Badminton League 2015

We have introduced a Heathrow Spidernets Badminton League 2015 which will be starting end of March 2015 and which will run till December 2015.