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Peter Pan Flying Success!!

From the 11th – 14th July, the Concorde Players braved themselves for what seemed to be yet another fantastic show. With flying, fights and a walking crocodile, this version of Peter Pan – The Musical was the ideal family night out!

Being part of the Concorde Players myself, and lucky enough to play Wendy in this production, I was completely overwhelmed by the support I received during and after the show and how much the audiences for all five performances enjoyed it (I hope!).

Peter Pan tells the story of the ‘boy who won’t grow up’ from Neverland who takes the three Darling children Wendy, John and Michael on a magnificent journey where they encounter the Lost Boys, Captain Hook, Pirates, Indians and many many others! They learn how to defend for themselves and most importantly, my character; Wendy, has to learn how to be a mother to six adolescents, most notoriously called, The Lost Boys.

So bringing this renowned musical to the stage you could call if a challenge, but a challenge well received with everyone in high spirits anticipating the moment when all the bright lights will be shining on them and all the hard work and effort would finally pay off.

Peter Pan – The Musical was definitely the most testing production that the Concorde Players have ever done, with four of our cast flying and two of our cast in gigantic animal suits, which under hot lights is not the most comfortable thing in the world! But aside all that, Peter Pan – The musical was a success with wings, soaring above all the other productions we have ever done. The audience seemed to love the show, especially the flying, despite how painful it felt. The crocodile left the audience roaring with laughter and sometimes, the people on the stage had to try not to laugh. Overall, all enjoyed the show.

I have previously only performed in one production with the Concorde Players, playing the Spirit of the Greenwood in the January pantomime of Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood and I enjoyed excessively doing my first ever-professional production. Everyone at the Concorde Players is so cheerful and optimistic; it really makes the stress of working at a fast pace pleasant and fun!  There have been lots of new faces joining the Concorde Players this year; it’s been an absolute pleasure working with them and I can firmly say that I’ve made great friends in both productions that I have been in with them and cannot wait to see them all again and share some more fantastic memories.

The Concorde Players will be performing their Pantomime in January 2013, called Hansel & Gretel. Auditions will be in September.