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Pay and Play


The facilities has a range of indoor and outdoor Pay and Play sports activities. The activities range from Badminton to Volleyball and these activities are all at an affordable rates. To book a Pay and Play activity, call us on 020 7594 6866 and book a court, or simply turn up, pay and play. It couldn’t be easier! If you’re booking a court for a team activity and would like to bring non-members along, that’s no problem: they’ll just have to pay a small guest fee for session membership.

Sports Hall

  • Monday to Friday 07.00 – 22.00
  • Saturday and Sunday 09.00 – 22.00


Activity  Peak Time Off-Peak
£ £
Badminton Court £9.00  
Basketball £45.00  
Bowls  -  
Cricket Pitch (Grass) Saturday £150.00  
Cricket Pitch (Grass) Sunday £140.00  
Cricket Pitch (Grass) Wednesday £130.00  
Cricket Pitch (Artificial) £55.00  
Cricket Nets* (Indoor) 2 Nets £50.00  
Cricket Nets (Outdoor) Per Lane £14.00  
Football 5-a-side* £45.00 £35.00
Football 7-a-side (Outdoor) £50.00  
Football 11-a-side (Outdoor) £120.00 £80.00**
Hockey (Indoor) £45.00 £35.00
Hockey (Outdoor) £100.00  
Netball (Indoor) £45.00 £25.00
Netball (Outdoor) £14.00 £10.00
Rounders £35.00  
Rugby Pitch £100.00  
Softball Pitch £35.00  
Softball (Indoor) £45.00  
Squash Court £8.00  
Table Tennis £6.00*  
Tennis Court (Hard) £8.00*  
Tennis Court (Grass) £25.00*  
Volleyball £45.00*  


* Price per 55 minutes

** 11-aside off-peak - midweek

Terms & Conditions

  1. Payment prior to use
  2. All members to bring their club membership cards and swipe in at the Sports Reception
  3. Pay and Play fees include use of the changing and bar facilities
  4. Receipt to be taken to main recption with guest/team sheet (i.e. all non-members)
  5. All team bookings, to be given a copy of team feed price lists
  6. If a cricket pitch is hired for a match, then cricket teas must be purchased. Menus supplied by the Sports Team
  7. No food or drink to be brought onto the premises
  8. Off-peak times vary, please contact the Sports Team for more informaion.