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bactive logoFrom time to time, there will be special promotions for gym members and new joiners. At BActive, we try to set our members fun and achievable goals to help keep you motivated, in trying to reach your objective, whether it may be:

  • Losing Weight
  • Toning Muscle
  • Training for a Marathon
  • Staying Fit & Healthy

For more information about future promotions and offers, please see below.

Have a Reflexology treatment or Indian HeadMassagehead Masage

re-balance your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state

give yourself a heightened sense of wellbeing and relaxation


Located in the Treatment Room behind the BActive Gym at WATERSIDE


Appointments available from 10.30 am to 3.30 pm every WEDNESDAY


Email Liz at or call/text on 07763 464634



BActive introduces Nutritional Therapy at Waterside. NutriBerry Nutritional Therapy recognises that busy lifestyles, high flying commitments and stressful work patterns can have a serious impact on our health. A healthy, nutritious diet can therefore help to keep you at optimum fitness and peak performance helping improve your moods, your health and your energy levels

Good Nutrition is about:

  • Enjoying food and eating well,
  • Correcting vitamin and mineral deficiencies,
  • Improving digestive function,
  • Supporting the ability to adapt to lifestyle pressures,
  • Supporting the immune system,
  • Weight control, Enhance energy,
  • Eliminate toxins and waste products,
  • Balancing hormones naturally,
  • Promote skin and hair health,
  • Increase vitality.

Contact Sarah on, 07765 035177 or visit their website by clicking here.